According to the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, 2 239 165 tourists entered the country in 2010 alone, showing an 11% increase on the previous year. These are astounding figures which highlight the value of the tourism industry to the Zimbabwean economy.

What we have found from our experience overseas, is that the majority of tourists, especially in the West, use the internet as the preferred means of researching, planning and booking their holiday. This market are browsing the internet on cutting edge devices and can definitely tell the difference between amateur and world-class design in the first few seconds of visiting a website. This means that for any company involved in the tourism industry in Zimbabwe, their web presence can be their most important marketing tool.

The popular Victoria Falls Safari Lodge have an outstanding website which allows them to showcase their unique offering and allows guests to plan and book their trip from the comfort of their own home. A South African agency called Focus Online is responsible for this website, along with several others in the Victoria Falls tourism industry. These companies have understood the value of investing in their online presence and are reaping the rewards.

We were very pleased when Humphrey Gumpo walked in our door in December 2011. Humphrey runs the very successful Tailormade Safaris with his wife Constance and their very capable team. They describe themselves as

a small owner run company that prides itself on Tented Adventures that create tailor-made, once in a lifetime experiences for our guests.

Humphrey leads the safaris with his years of experience as a professional guide and captures incredible experiences with his specialist photographic skills. When he showed us his photos they took our breath away and we couldn’t wait to start working on the new Tailormade Safaris website!

From our first meeting with Humphrey, we quickly realised that he and Constance were very serious about how their business was reflected through their website. Most of their clients are from Europe and are high earning business people who have limited holiday time but want to fill it with the unique offering of a safari which is tailormade to suit them. Some of these people even come back to Tailormade Safaris every year because they have so enjoyed themselves.

Tailormade Safaris wanted to showcase the adventures that they offer as well as allow their guests to write about their own experiences and share their perspective on their time in Zimbabwe. We designed the new website from the ground up using the WordPress platform that provides the technology needed to accomplish all this and combined it with a beautiful interface that showcases the beautiful images that are captured on these safaris. This website was launched just before the popular Indaba 2012 travel exibition in Durban.